We founded Kañamu Pacha as a clear counterpart to what is alternatively found in the growing sector. 


Growing on living soil achieves the highest quality and is uncomplicated at the same time. Costs and effort are reduced and the gardener's sense of achievement grows.


Peat is not a raw material for us because of the massive destruction of the moors and release of tons of CO2! For us, ecological sustainability is of particular importance.


For our Hortisol we therefore rely on a nutrient-rich Terra Preta compost, which is perfectly adapted to the pot culture by its other additives. Our goal is to offer every gardener the opportunity to grow crops of the highest quality, easily and organically, and thus always receive a safe and uncontaminated product. Simple and efficient.


Together with our distributors and partners, we want to offer more than just another soil. We want the best soil for gardeners who want to get the most out of their plants and won't compromise. No peat, no fertilizers - living soil, water, all organic!


We always support our partners directly and personally. Information material, giveaways and joint promotions for direct customers or on the web offer many opportunities to reach customers regionally and to attract new customers.  


Offer your customers Kañamu Pacha "Hortisol". Learn all about our fair conditions and joint opportunities.


Together we set an example for sustainability and responsibility and offer a new level of quality and efficiency.