Kañamu Pacha "Hortisol" is the soil substrate for urban gardening and the cultivation of valuable medicinal plants, such as CBD hemp or medical cannabis, as well as vegetables and fruits. It is based on the Terra Preta composting technique, which was already used thousands of years ago in the Amazon rainforest and helped the indigenous peoples to gain prosperity and abundant food supply. This means that chemical additives can be completely dispensed with and fertilizers are also not required when used as recommended.


The building blocks of nature and the power of (microbial) life are here the engine of our soil. A potting substrate like a real, nutrient-rich and living organic soil - only a little bit better....




The advantages:


Makes growing easier than ever!


Achieves the best quality!


Is 100% organic!


Saves the planet!




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Living Biochar

Kañamu Pacha "Living Biochar" is the optimal aggregate for all substrates and is the cornerstone


of every Terra Preta. It is an organic plant charcoal activated via a composting process. Our already charged plant charcoal stores plant-available nutrients and protects them from being leached out by water.


leaching through irrigation water. Important microorganisms use the plant carbon as a habitat. These microorganisms are an important component of any healthy soil and sustainably promote plant growth. Our "Living Biochar" activates any soil substrate and gives it the life it needs.



Biologically activated organic plant biochar!


For Terra Preta production!


Promotes the soil life of the earth!




You can find more information in our product catalog.